​Carolina Characters 

Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

Our company aims to always make safety our priority. We have instituted new safety requirements in order to maintain a safe atmosphere for everyone during the Covid-19 pandemic. These must be agreed upon in order for us to attend your home or party. If at any time these guidelines are not met and/or the performer feels unsafe, we reserve the right to take proper action accordingly, which may include leaving the party. Thank you for understanding and bearing with us during this time! 

* We are excited to announce that we will have vaccinated performers available for booking by early/late May!

 1. The character must remain at least 6ft away from everyone at all times to maintain proper social distancing.

2. The character visit or party must be held outdoors (yard, driveway, patio, etc) where there is open air-flow, unless otherwise agreed upon.

3. All children and adults interacting with the character MUST wear a face covering during their visit.

4. Depending on the current status of the pandemic, the character may also need to wear a face covering, such as a mask or see-through face shield. This is for the safety of you and your guests. 

5. You are welcome to take photos! The character will stand at a safe distance behind the birthday child while striking some fun poses together.

7. For your safety, our performers are required to have temperature checks prior to your party and monitor/report and symptoms or signs of illness. We ask that you please ensure that those interacting with the character are also symptom-free and do not show any signs of illness.